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One year of renting well

May marked the first anniversary of Rentwell.

One year in, Rentwell has already signed up 25 homes and improved the lives of 49 people who now have quality, safe and affordable homes.

We also:

  • saved property owners up to $10,900 in land tax
  • passed on rent relief to the equivalent of $81,632, donated by property owners
  • tenanted properties in an average of only 10 days.


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One of our property owners, Julie, said “I’ve been very happy with the rental return, helped by the ACT Government support of the scheme, and also to know that it is being rented out consistently with my values, making a real difference for a family who would have found accessing private rental difficult in Canberra otherwise”.

And for our Rentwell property manager, Jenny Scutt, the last year has been incredibly rewarding. She was looking for something more in her career as a residential property manager when she found out about Rentwell. Jenny views the program as “property management with a purpose” and is proud to work with property owners to use her skills to make a positive difference in the lives of fellow Canberrans.

This success was made possible due to generosity from our incredible partners:

This anniversary came at a time when the need for affordable housing has become even more apparent, with rising unemployment and underemployment pricing even more people out of the Canberra private rental market.

But alongside stories of those doing it tough, this current crisis has included many beautiful moments of people in our community who want to give back.

One of our property owners proactively reduced the rent by $100 per week until the COVID-19 crisis eases, and three more owners reached out to say that they will accept the losses if their tenants are struggling to pay the rent because of COVID-19.

If you own an investment property in the ACT and want an opportunity to change someone’s life tangibly and powerfully, this is your opportunity. You can provide a home to Canberrans who are earning a moderate income but are being crowded out of the mainstream rental market because of Canberra’s high rental prices.

In return, you will be exempt from paying land tax on your investment property, receive a tax deductible gift receipt for rent foregone, and have the security of signing a head lease with YWCA Canberra that guarantees regular rental income.

Your property will contribute to the pool of affordable housing options in the ACT, building stronger communities and making Canberra a more inclusive and liveable city for everyone.

Can you help us help more Canberrans have safe, affordable homes?

May 19, 2020

One year of renting well

May marked the first anniversary of Rentwell. One year in, Rentwell has already signed up 25 homes and improved the lives of 49 people who now […]
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